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Congratulations to all students admitted to be members of the JHU Class of 2021!

Johns Hopkins University has released data on its Early Decision pool for the Class of 2021 and we’ve got it for our readers. In all, 591 students who applied Early Decision to the Baltimore-based school have been offered admission to be members of the Johns Hopkins Class of 2021. Congratulations to our students who are among the 591! These 591 students were selected out of a batch of 1,934 applicants to the university (5 more than for the last Early Decision cycle at JHU!), marking an admission rate of about 30.5%.

Johns Hopkins University loves its wind surfers, its science researchers, and its social activists.

But admissions statistics are only so interesting. We love it when colleges tout the students in their incoming classes with more specifics. As Johns Hopkins writes of its incoming class, “This group of early decision applicants includes nationally recognized researchers, innovators in various fields, artists, published authors, and social activists. Among them are the author of a bilingual cookbook, the founder of a non-profit that raises money for girls from low-income families who are interested in STEM fields, a nationally-ranked fencer, a children’s book writer, an advocate for food allergy laws, and an internationally competitive windsurfer.” At Ivy Coach, we have a long history of our students being personally referenced in these very kinds of admissions releases. It’s a great point of pride for us!

Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who have been admitted to be members of the Johns Hopkins Class of 2021. Go Blue Jays!


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