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December 17, 2020

Harvard University Class of 2025 Early Action Statistics

It was a banner Early Action cycle for Harvard this fall.

Harvard University has released Early Action admissions notifications for its Class of 2025. In all, 10,086 students applied Early Action to Harvard University’s Class of 2025. Of these applicants, 747 earned admission. By our arithmetic, this means that 7.4% of EA applicants to Harvard earned admission this year — a figure that compares to 13.9% for the Class of 2024. Last year, 6,424 students applied in the Early round to Harvard and of these applicants, 895 earned admission. So, if our math is correct, this means that not only were applications up big time this Early cycle, but Harvard chose to admit significantly fewer applicants. And why? Well, when only 81% of admits to the Class of 2024 chose to enroll, it’s not like the remaining students decided not to go to Harvard. They just put off attending Harvard by a year. These students are, as we forecasted, eating up slots in the Class of 2025.

Breakdown of the Harvard Admits to the Class of 2025

As The Harvard Gazette reports in a piece on the Harvard Early Action round for the Class of 2025, “So far, nearly 17 percent of the admitted students come from first-generation college backgrounds compared with 10.1 percent last year. In addition, this year 14.5 percent are estimated to be eligible for federal Pell Grants for those demonstrating exceptional need, up from 8.9 percent, and 21.7 percent are eligible for HFAI, an increase from 15.6 percent. African Americans constitute 16.6 percent of those admitted (12.7 percent last year), Asian Americans 23.4 percent (24 percent last year), Latinx 10.4 percent (11 percent last year), and Native Americans and Native Hawaiians 1.3 percent (1.3 percent last year). International citizens comprise 12.2 percent of the admitted students to date this year, compared with 9.6 percent last year.”

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to Harvard this Early Action cycle! It was the toughest year in the history of college admissions and this was, arguably, the toughest school of all.

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