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December 24, 2016

Harvard Class of 2021

Harvard 2021, 2021 at Harvard, Harvard College Class of 2021
Applications were up this Early Action cycle at Harvard for the Class of 2021 (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

The Early Action numbers are in for the Harvard Class of 2021. This year, applications rose by a margin of 5% — 6,473 students ended up applying Early to the university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Of those 6,473 applicants, 938 earned offers of admission. Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who are among the 938! To compare the figures to last year’s Early Action pool at Harvard, 914 students earned admission to be members of the Class of 2020 (so they offered admission to 18 extra students) and 6,167 students applied. So indeed it was a good year for Harvard this year.

As reported by “The Harvard Gazette,” “The demographics for the Class of 2021 early action group are similar to last year’s group. Slightly more women (48.0 vs. 47.4 percent) make up the new class thus far, and more African-American students were admitted (12.6 percent vs. 9.5 percent last year). In addition, 21.7 percent of admitted students identify as Asian-American (compared with 24.1 percent last year), 8.8 percent as Latinos (vs. 9.5 percent), and 1.1 percent as Native American and Native Hawaiian (vs. 1.6 percent). Geographic patterns were also similar, although there were somewhat more admitted students from the Midwest and Mountain states and fewer from the South and the West. Intended academic concentrations were similar, although there were slightly more humanists and social scientists this year.”

And to those students who earned admission to Harvard in the Early Action round and are considering applying to other schools in the Regular Decision round, don’t be ridiculous. You’re going to end up going to Harvard anyway (yes, the vast majority of students who are admitted to both Harvard and Stanford still  choose to attend Harvard) so go out and celebrate. You, members of the Harvard Class of 2021, are done with the college admissions process!

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