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December 20, 2021

Georgia Tech Loves Its Georgians

Georgia Tech takes care of its in-state residents first (photo credit: Davidhermanns).

The Georgia Institute of Technology has released Early Action 1 notifications and, unsurprisingly, a big chunk of admits hail from the state of Georgia. Just as the University of Pennsylvania takes care of its applicants from Pennsylvania, just as Duke University takes care of its applicants from North Carolina, Georgia Tech takes care of its own. In all, nearly 6,100 students applied to Georgia Tech through Early Action 1. Of these applicants, 2,399 earned admission. This marks an overall admission rate for residents of Georgia of 39%.

As Georgia Tech announced in a press release about their Georgia admits, ” Admitted students hail from 95 counties and 353 high schools (80% public schools and 20% private schools) around the state. Of the Early Action 1 admit pool 52% are women and 48% are men, 13% come from rural areas of Georgia, and 22% identify as Black or Hispanic. Through the Georgia Tech Scholars program, Tech offers admission to valedictorians and salutatorians who apply from any accredited Georgia high school with more than 50 graduates, and 11% of the admitted students are predicted to be honored as such.”

As a public research university, we applaud Georgia Tech for taking care of its own. Some years ago, the University of California system was criticized for favoring out-of-state applicants. And why? Because these students were full-pays. They didn’t pay in-state tuition and the UC system loved their extra revenue. But the UC system has since corrected course, now favoring Californians. It’s nice to see that Georgia Tech takes care of its own first. In fact, the entire Early Action 1 pool is reserved exclusively for Georgia residents. The soonest out-of-state residents could apply to Georgia Tech was November 1st and their decisions won’t be released until late January.

While you’re here, see how Georgia Tech’s Early Action 1 statistics compare to last year’s Early Action 1 data for the Georgia Tech Class of 2025.

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