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December 21, 2020

Georgia Tech Class of 2025 Early Action 1 Statistics

Early applications to the Class of 2025 are up at Georgia Tech (photo credit: Davidhermanns).

The Georgia Institute of Technology has released Early Action 1 decisions for the Class of 2025. This cycle, one reserved exclusively for residents of the state of Georgia, all six of Georgia Tech’s colleges received increased applications from in-state residents as compared to last year. In fact, more than 6,000 students from the state of Georgia applied in Early Action 1 — an increase of 20% from the state as compared to last year. This application surge is consistent with the trend at the vast majority of highly selective universities this Early cycle that we’ve been reporting on over the last several days. While some of our nation’s most respected news publications have been reporting declining applications at our nation’s 900+ universities, we’ve made a point of highlighting that while this trend is true at the vast majority of America’s 900+ universities, it is not true at America’s 25 or so most selective universities. These universities are not seeing declines in applications this year. No, they’re seeing skyrocketing applications. In short, America’s highly selective universities are the exception, not the rule.

Breakdown of Georgia Tech’s Early Action 1 Admits to the Class of 2025

As Victor Rogers reports for Georgia Tech News Center in a piece about Georgia Tech’s Early Action 1 results, “More than 6,000 Georgia students (an increase of more than 20% from the state compared to last year) who applied to Georgia Tech in Early Action 1 received their admission decisions on Friday evening…A total of 2,330 Georgia students were admitted, for an overall admit rate of 38%. Admitted students hail from 90 counties and 366 high schools around the state. Of the Early Action 1 admit pool 50% are men, 50% are women; 12% come from rural areas of Georgia; and 18% identify as Black or Hispanic. Through the Georgia Tech Scholars program, Tech offers admission to valedictorians and salutatorians who apply from any accredited Georgia high school with more than 50 graduates, and 16% of the admitted students are predicted to be honored as such.”

Georgia Tech’s Early Action 1 Round is for Georgia Residents

Georgia Tech’s Early Action 1 round is reserved only for residents of Georgia or for those students who are from Georgia but attend high school outside of the state — a policy instituted by Georgia Tech’s president to encourage in-state residents to apply to the university. So do keep this new policy in mind when comparing results from the Early Action round for Georgia Tech’s Class of 2024 or Georgia Tech’s Class of 2023. Results from the school’s Early Action 2 round will be reported in January, while Regular Decision notifications will go out in March. Stay tuned for updates on the Early Action 2 and Regular Decision round at Georgia Tech.

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