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January 6, 2019

Georgetown University Class of 2023 Early Action Statistics

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Congratulations to all of our students who got into Georgetown this Early Action cycle (photo credit: Patrickneil).

A new benchmark was set for Georgetown University’s admissions office this fall. In all, 7,802 students applied Early Action to Georgetown this cycle — a figure down from last Early Action cycle’s all-time high of 8,387 applicants. But of the students who applied this Early Action cycle, only 919 earned admission. This marks an Early Action admission rate of 11.78% for Georgetown’s Class of 2023, an all-time low. This same figure stood at 11.9% for the Class of 2022.

Georgetown’s Class of 2023 Early Action Applicant Pool

As reports Max Levine for “The Hoya” in a piece entitled “Class of 2023 Early Action Admissions Rate Reaches Record Low,” “Of the early applicants, 4,478 applied to Georgetown College, and 491 were accepted at an acceptance rate of 10.96 percent, the lowest among the four schools. The Walsh School of Foreign service received 1,578 applications and admitted 187 at an acceptance rate of 11.85 percent. The McDonough School of Business admitted 165 applicants out of 1,112 at an acceptance rate of 14.83 percent. The School of Nursing and Health Studies received 636 applications and admitted 76 at an acceptance rate of 11.95 percent.”

Levine continues, “The number of applications from minority groups also continued to grow at rates ranging from 1 to 2 percent. This year’s pool was composed of 11 percent black applicants, 13 percent Latinx applicants, 16 percent Asian-American applicants, 8 percent international applicants and 1 percent Native American applicants. This applicant pool includes students from 49 of 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Including the United States, 42 countries are also represented in this year’s applicant pool.”

Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who applied Early Action to Georgetown University this fall. You all got in! Way to go!

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