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January 23, 2024

Georgetown University Class of 2028 Early Action Admission Statistics

Georgetown University’s campus is visible beyond the Potomac River.
Georgetown University enjoyed a strong Early Action cycle for the Class of 2028 (photo credit: Patrickneil).

In mid-December, Georgetown University released Early Action decisions for the Class of 2028. In all, 860 students earned admission to the Jesuit institution. These students were accepted from a pool of approximately 8,600 applicants, marking a 10% EA admission rate for the 2023-2024 cycle. This year’s Early Action cycle marked one of the strongest in Georgetown’s storied history.

Georgetown Early Action Admissions Statistics Over 10+ Years

The 8,600 students who applied under Georgetown’s non-binding but restrictive Early Action policy to the Class of 2028 did not mark a record tally for the Washington, DC-based institution (though the numbers were up from last year for the Class of 2027). However, this cycle’s 10% EA admission rate did tie (or approximately tie since this cycle’s numbers are, at present, estimates) a historic low previously set for the Class of 2026.

Below is a breakdown of Georgetown’s Early Action admission statistics over the last 13 years:

Georgetown Class YearNumber of Early Action ApplicationsNumber of Early Action AcceptancesEarly Action Acceptance Rate
Class of 2028~8,600860~10%
Class of 20278,19696411.76%
Class of 20268,8328819.98%
Class of 20258,71094010.79%
Class of 20247,30585611.72%
Class of 20238,38791911.78%
Class of 20228,3831,00211.95%
Class of 20217,82286311.03%
Class of 20207,02789212.69%
Class of 20196,84090713.26%
Class of 20186,74995414.14%
Class of 20176,84088212.89%
Class of 20166,8321,00914.77%

Breakdown of Georgetown’s Class of 2028 Early Action Admits

While no demographic details have yet emerged of Georgetown’s Early Action admits to the Class of 2028, we’ll report these figures as soon as they become available.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with Georgetown Deferral

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