Extended Early Application Deadlines

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Columbia is extending its Early deadline in light of glitches with The Common App. (photo credit: Andrew Chen).

Extended Early application deadlines are on the horizon. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve come down hard on The Common Application of late and we’ve written extensively about errors students are experiencing with the latest version of the application. Well, now colleges are acknowledging that there are issues with this year’s Common App as well. In November of 2011, approximately 75 universities chose to extend their Early Action / Early Decision deadlines because of a storm in which 2.2 million homes on the East Coast were without power. And in November of 2012, about the same number of schools chose to extend their deadlines because of Hurricane Sandy. So how does this relate to the Common App., you ask? Well, the cause of extended deadlines this application cycle is not a hurricane or major storm. Rather, it’s glitches students are having with the ubiquitous application.

Yesterday. Georgia tech posted on their website, “Given the continued technical difficulties with the Common Application Georgia Tech is extending its student Early Action application deadline to October 21, 2013 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Counselors and teachers will still have until November 1st to submit supporting documents.” And today, Columbia University sent emails out to parents that read: “Thank you for your interest in Columbia University. If you are considering applying Early Decision to Columbia College or Columbia Engineering, please note that we are extending our deadline for applications and all supporting credentials to Friday, November 8, given the challenges some applicants have experienced with the Common Application. This deadline extension is also in place for applicants to the QuestBridge National College Match Program.”

In the days ahead, we at Ivy Coach anticipate that more and more colleges throughout the country will be extending their deadlines as well in light of all of the problems students are having with the Common App.


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