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December 24, 2020

Emory University Class of 2025 Early Decision I Statistics

Early Decision I applications to Emory University surged by 8% this fall.

Emory University has released its admissions statistics for the Early Decision I round of its Class of 2025. Of the 1,975 students who applied Early Decision I to Emory this fall (an 8% jump from this time last year), 769 earned admission — including every one of Ivy Coach’s applicants to the Atlanta, Georgia-based institution. This marks an Early Decision I admit rate for Emory of 38.93%. Of the 769 students who earned admission to the university this week, 614 were offered admission to Emory College while 337 were admitted to Oxford College. If you’re scratching your head because 614 + 337 exceeds 769, it’s because 182 students were admitted to both Emory College and Oxford College.

Early Decision I Applications from Low-Income and Underrepresented Minority Students Rise at Emory

As Ulia Ahn and Claire Fenton report for The Emory Wheel in a piece entitled “Early Decision I Applications Grow by 8%,” “[Dean of Admissions John] Latting…pointed out that this year’s Early Decision I applicant pool comprised a significantly larger portion of minority groups than in previous years. Socioeconomic diversity increased as well, he said, as there was a rise in the number of students applying for financial aid. One such marker of this trend was Emory’s matching with 56 QuestBridge Scholars, over twice that of last year. Despite substantial jumps in the number of students taking leaves of absence and deferrals this semester, Latting said his team had no plans to limit the number of accepted applicants in the Early Decision I round.”

Ivy Coach’s Crystal Ball Forecasted This Trend in Spite of Headlines in Reputable Publications that Forecasted the Opposite

So, consistent with the trend at our nation’s highly selective universities, applications are up this fall at Emory. Yes, our nation’s respected news publications may well be publishing articles about declining applications this fall and lamenting fewer applications from minority students and students from low-income backgrounds. But as Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball correctly forecasted, Early applications would be up at our nation’s elite universities this fall — as would applications from underrepresented and low-income students. It seems Ivy Coach’s crystal ball has struck again. In any case, congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who completed applications with us and applied Early Decision I to Emory this fall…you all got in!

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