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December 12, 2019

Emory University Class of 2024 Early Decision I Statistics

Emory’s ED I applications were down slightly from last year.

Emory University has released its notifications for the Early Decision I round of the Class of 2024. In all, 1,812 students applied under Emory’s binding Early Decision I policy — to either Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Oxford College, or both. The 1,812 applicants was a bit down from last year’s record of 1,910 ED I applicants — but not significantly. Of the ED I applicants to the Class of 2024, Emory College offered admission to 580 students, while Oxford College, which is located 38 miles away from Emory’s Atlanta campus, offered admission to 295 students. 145 students were admitted to both Emory College and Oxford College and thus now get to decide which of the two campuses they’d prefer (if history is any guide, the vast majority will choose Emory College). And 29 students matched with Emory University through the QuestBride program.

While we would have preferred that Emory release some data on the ED I admits to its Class of 2024 (e.g., socioeconomic breakdown, male/female ratio, percentage of students who are underrepresented minorities, etc.), we’ll have to settle for Emory’s admissions office focusing on the “explosion of happiness” that erupted when ED I admits learned of their offers of admission. As Lisa Coetzee reports for Emory News Center in a piece entitled “A strong start: Emory welcomes first students in Class of 2024, “For hundreds of EDI students, being admitted to Emory marked both the end to weeks of nail-biting wonder and the beginning of a brand new chapter in their academic lives. ’Finally hearing the news, that was quite a roller coaster of emotions,’ says Lance Hahn, an EDI applicant from Anaheim Hills, about an hour southeast of Los Angeles, California. ’Going to the (online admission) portal was intense, especially with a crowd of friends watching me,’ Hahn says. ’But once I clicked on the update, it was just an explosion of happiness. It turned into a really inspiring moment. We were all screaming.’”

It never ceases to astonish us that some students choose to view their admissions decisions while surrounded by friends who too are vying to earn admission to elite colleges. It sure seems weird if you ask us but, hey, if it makes them happy! In any case, congratulations to all students who earned admission via Early Decision I to Emory University this fall!

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