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December 27, 2018

Emory University Class of 2023 Early Decision Statistics

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Emory received a record number of Early Decision I applications this year.

The Emory University Early Decision round for the Class of 2023 is in the books. In all, 1,910 students applied in the Early Decision I round to Emory this fall — a new benchmark for the ED I round. This figure includes applicants to Emory College of Arts & Sciences, Oxford College, or both. Of these students, 559 earned admission to Emory College, while Oxford College offered admission to 256 applicants. This marks an overall Early Decision I admit rate (for Emory College and Oxford College) of approximately 42.7%.

Emory’s Humdrum Description of Its Class of 2023 Early Decision Admits

As reports Lisa Coetzee in an Emory University press release, “’We continue to be excited about the number of talented students interested in Emory, signaling that top students seek us out as the university in which they can best pursue an education,’ says John Latting, dean of admission. ’Within the group of students admitted in Early Decision is a wide array of voices that will enter Emory’s classrooms, given the range of circumstances from which they come,’ Latting says. ’What they have in common, though, is proven ability to gain new knowledge, a curiosity to explore academic opportunities, and a wish to contribute to the community and the world around them.’ Kelley Lips, dean of enrollment services for Oxford College, says that the students admitted ’have demonstrated high levels of engagement in the classroom and in their communities. They are an impressive cohort, and we are thrilled for them to bring that to the Emory family.’”

Emory Can and Should Offer More Details on Its Class of 2023 Admits

ZZZzzz…So, basically, Emory’s admissions leaders offered a cut-and-paste style description of their Early Decision admits. And that’s lame if you ask us. We much prefer when colleges offer details on their incoming students. It could be the percentage of students who will be the first in their families to attend college. It could be the percentage of legacy admits. Or the number of valedictorians and salutatorians. Or it could be those juicy descriptions of individual students — like a blueberry farmer from Vietnam or a beekeeper from South Carolina. Come on, Emory. You can do better. We know it! You’re the school that arguably created the Interest Quotient in admissions. Make your press release more interesting next cycle.

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