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Brown University will be notifying Early applicants of their decisions tomorrow. Harvard will do so on Thursday (photo credit: Chen Siyuan).

It’s Early Decision notification time. And Early Action notification time, too! If you applied to a school through their Early Decision or Early Action policy and you’re wondering when you’ll hear back from them, here are some dates that might be helpful. Many of you have already heard back but we’ll list those dates anyway just in case you’re curious when other schools notified their applicants of their decisions. You might already know these dates as if students were wearing Big Red hoodies on December 8th, it’s likely because they just got into Cornell that day through Early Decision.

On December 8th, Cornell University and Columbia University notified applicants of their decisions at 5 PM EST. On December 9th at 3 PM EST, Dartmouth College notified applicants of their decisions, while at 5 PM EST, the University of Pennsylvania sent out their decisions. Tomorrow, on December 13th at 5 PM EST, Brown University will release their decisions. And on December 15th at 5 PM EST, Harvard University will send out their Early Action decisions.

Check out the Early Decision and Early Action Stats for the Class of 2015.


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