Early Decision / Early Action Notifications Are Coming

Early Decision Notifications, Early Action Notifications, Early College Notifications

The British aren’t coming. But Early Decision / Early Action notifications sure are (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

Around this time next week, students will begin learning of their Early Decision / Early Action admissions decisions. They say that Christmas is the favorite time of year but for us at Ivy Coach, well, Christmas annually comes early. Since all of our students wisely apply Early Decision / Early Action, our students tend — overwhelmingly — to be done with their college admissions process around mid-December. And why? Because they earn admission to their top choice school in the Early round. They applied to a reach school, but not an impossible reach, typically with no exception. This year, we had an exception as one student chose not to heed our advice and apply to an impossible reach, so we imagine this student will end up in the Regular Decision round. But most of our clients heed our advice on the Early choice. After all, it’s part of why they enlisted our services — to understand and follow our advice. And while we never like to jinx anything, we anticipate celebrating Christmas next week.

Postmortem Evaluations for Students We Didn’t Work With in Early Round

After Early Decision / Early Action admissions decisions are released, we’re busy. But we’re not busy with our own students. We’re busy with students who did not use Ivy Coach’s services in the Early Decision / Early Action round and did not end up earning admission to their dream school. In our experience, there are two kinds of students (and parents) among those deferred and denied in the Early round: (1) those who think they did everything right and it just didn’t work out Early but it’ll likely work out in the Regular Decision round and (2) those who realize they played their cards wrong and wish not to make the same mistake again, again, and again in the Regular Decision round. For students and parents in the latter category (but not the former category), we can help in the remaining couple of weeks before the January 1st Regular Decision deadline.

The Importance of Not Making the Same Mistakes in the Regular Decision Round

For those students and parents who realize they made mistakes in the Early round, we offer a postmortem evaluation in which we go through every element of the application that was submitted to the Early school. And we let students and parents know precisely what went wrong. It could be how a student presented himself in the Personal Statement. It could be a lack of specifics in a Why College essay. It could be an absence of a hook in the Activities section. It could be a seemingly innocuous answer in the information students provide about their families. Who knows? Well, we do. And we’ll tell you. It may hurt to hear but, in our experience, students get over this hurt in less than a day and then they devote themselves to revamping their applications so they receive better news in the Regular Decision round. For those families that complete a postmortem evaluation, we typically take on a few students thereafter to help turn around their applications, so they present the best possible applications by January 1st.

If you’re interested in a postmortem evaluation because you just have a feeling things aren’t going to go your child’s way in the Early Decision / Early Action round, fill out our free consult form and indicate “postmortem evaluation” in the comments section.


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