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Early Decision and Early Action deadlines at numerous Ivy League colleges were extended this year due to the East Coast storm.

Early Decision deadlines were extended at many schools this year due to a storm on the East Coast that left many homes (2.2 million in fact) without power for days. According to “The Dartmouth,” at least 74 colleges and universities extended their Early deadlines. In the Ivy League, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton extended their Early Action deadlines while Dartmouth, Penn, and Cornell extended their Early Decision deadlines.

According to an article in “The Dartmouth” on Early Decision deadlines, “Dartmouth’s extension is the longest among Ivy League schools. Yale University extended its early action deadline from Nov. 1 to Nov. 2, and Cornell University extended its early decision deadline to Nov. 3, according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Harvard University extended its early action deadline to Nov. 4, and the University of Pennsylvania extended its early decision deadline to Nov. 4, The Harvard Crimson and The Daily Pennsylvanian reported. Princeton University extended its early action deadline to Nov. 5, according to the university’s website.”

This is not the first time that Early Decision or Early Action deadlines were extended. Often times, colleges have server glitches because so many applicants are submitting their applications at once. To read more on Early Decision, check out this post on Early Decision Deadline or this one on Early Decision Admissions.


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