Early Decision Autopsies

Early Decision Autopsy, Early Action Autopsies, Early Action Autopsy

Did you know that the hit ABC series “Body of Proof” about a medical examiner played by Dana Delany was based off of Brian’s idea? Don’t believe us? Read on.

If you’re a student or the parent of a student who applied via an Early Action or Early Decision program and was either deferred or denied admission, you need to know why your application didn’t make the cut. You need to know what mistakes were made and we promise that mistakes were made because the last thing you want to be doing is making these same mistakes in your Regular Decision applications. If you wrote an essay about your grandfather, it’s a mistake. If you checked certain boxes on the application, it’s a mistake. If you wrote 450 words when the maximum word count for a supplemental essay was 650 words, it’s a mistake. If you wrote about your come-from-behind run in the 400 meters, it’s a mistake. If you came across as unlikable, it’s a mistake. The list goes on…and on.

So now that your application is dead or near-dead at your Early Decision or Early Action school (though there are things you can do if you were deferred and we can certainly help you), the time has come for your autopsy by Ivy Coach. We will dissect your application. We will tell you the cause — or causes — of death. And we will tell you how your death can be avoided at your Regular Decision schools, where there is indeed still hope. You made the mistake of not working with Ivy Coach before you applied to your Early Decision or Early Action school. Don’t make the same mistake this time around. Not everyone gets a second chance…at life. Use it wisely.

As an aside, we have a little experience with real-life (or fake!) autopsies as well and since Ivy Coach is a family business, we figured we’d share! There was an ABC series that aired for three years starring Dana Delany named “Body of Proof.” The show was about a brain surgeon who lost dexterity in her hand as a result of a car accident. Because of the accident, she could no longer operate on the living as a brain surgeon and so she retrained as a medical examiner to operate on the dead. The idea and the title for the successful ABC series was Brian’s. Hey, he likes to dabble in Hollywood from time to time. Everyone has their passions, right? When we say that you should work with talented writers on your admissions essays, we mean it. We can help make your writing stronger. We can make it more compelling. We can make it more colloquial. We can turn you into better, more powerful writers. It’s what we do.

And we teach by example. Brian surrounds himself with the greatest writers of our generation from Pulitzer Prize and Tony-winning playwrights (and F. Scott Fitzgerald!) to potential future Nobel Prize winners and widely respected journalists to iconic American author James McBride whose works are required reading in classrooms across America (and this one too) and even up and coming YA writers and many more. You’ll note his name in all of these articles. Find a private college counseling company that surrounds its people with such amazing voices of our generation. We dare you. On second thought, don’t waste your time because by the time you find one, you’ll be dead and in need of an autopsy.

Contact us today by filling out our consult form. Indicate that you’re interested in an admissions autopsy. We like to call them post-mortems. Beeeeeeeeeeeep.


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