Early Decision and Early Action Notification

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The Early Decision and Early Action Notification dates are right around the corner (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

With just days to go before Early Decision and Early Action notifications are released, we’ve had quite a few parents schedule free consults who are concerned their children won’t be gaining admission to their Early school. These of course are not parents of students we worked with for the Early Decision / Early Action admissions cycle.

Many of the parents who have been calling in have expressed that their children haven’t started working on their Regular Decision applications just yet. And that’s because they’ve been waiting to hear back from their Early Decision / Early Action school. What do we have to say about that? They’re nuts. In the event the student is deferred or denied admission, they planned (with planned being the operative word) to complete the unique supplements for several universities all due by January 1, 2016? When were they planning on working on all of the many admissions essays — so many of which need to be uniquely tailored to the individual schools?

It’s why our students who apply in the Early Decision or Early Action round tend to work on a number of applications over the summer and early fall in the event they are deferred or denied in the Early round. It’s a fallback plan. This way, they’re not up against a loudly ticking clock and they can make all of these applications — and essays — unique and perfect for each individual school.

Procrastination isn’t a good idea when applying to colleges. In fact, it’s just about the worst idea.

For the vast majority of our students — and in many years all of our students — this work is a complete and utter waste. And why? Because they earn admission to their dream college in the Early Decision / Early Action round. So they don’t have to submit any other applications. But one would be nuts to take a chance because in highly selective college admissions, one just never knows.


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