Early Decision and Early Action Deadline

Early Decision Deadline, Early Action Deadline, Early Application Deadline

The Early Decision and Early Action deadline is fast approaching (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

If you’re a high school senior and you haven’t yet submitted your Early Decision or Early Action application but will be doing so before the clock strikes November 2nd, you might consider a last minute review of your application. This would include a review of your Common Application, including your Personal Statement and Activities, the supplement for the individual school that you’re applying to, and everything that admissions officers will see when they review your application.

At this late date, not everything we see that’s hurting your case for admission can be corrected. No way. We can’t offer you instructions on how to find a hook that you can hone through high school, though we can help you better showcase that hook if you happen to have one. We can’t offer you advice on how to fix mistakes in coursework (and, yes, just because your high school doesn’t offer certain coursework doesn’t mean you can’t be taking those courses). But there are still lots of mistakes that we can correct. We can let you know why a line in your Personal Statement, if you keep it in there, will cost you admission. We can brainstorm with you a new direction for a cliche essay that you wrote. You may not realize it’s cliche, but once you speak with us, you’ll fully understand. And you’ll think, “I’m sure glad I didn’t submit that essay. That would’ve been bad, really bad.” It’s not too late to make significant changes to essays, though time is of the essence.

If you’re interested in a one-hour evaluation before the clock strikes November 2nd (and remember Daylight Savings!), click on our orange button at the top or bottom of our website. Fill out the form. Write “Last Minute Evaluation” at the bottom in the comments area. Our fees for these last minute evaluations are higher than are our typical fees for evaluations and that’s because we have limited time in our days. FedEx charges you more for rush delivery. So does College Board. And so does Ivy Coach. For those who don’t approve, like the Independent Educational Consultants Association (we don’t believe membership in this organization is worth the paper it’s written on), we suggest you look into moving to a communist country. Perhaps the Independent Educational Consultants Association should be headquartered in China. Or Vermont for those Bernie Sanders supporters. FedEx delivers there, too.


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