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Maybe don’t wear your new college sweatshirt to school after you’ve been admitted to spare the feelings of others?

Early Decision admits (and Early Action admits), we’ve got some advice for you. After you learn that you’ve gotten into the college of your dreams, don’t wear your new college sweatshirt to school. So many students do this but it’s not very thoughtful. We know you’re proud of your new college. And you should be! That’s fantastic! You’ve worked so hard to get into this school and you should be able to wear your new college hoodie with pride. But what about all of the students who didn’t get in? Wearing your new college sweatshirt to school kind of rubs their faces in it a bit.

You should have the right to wear your new college colors with pride. We just want to caution you to be cognizant of the feelings of others around you. Not everyone earned admission via Early Decision or Early Action. In fact, many didn’t even apply. Of those who did apply, many didn’t get admitted. The math is that simple. So we just urge you to recognize that by wearing that sweatshirt, it might make others upset and who wants to do that?

So wear that sweatshirt around the house. Wear it to bed. Wear it in the shower. Wear it while you eat your breakfast and while you do the dishes. But maybe don’t wear it to school — at least not until many other students know where they’ll be attending college? It’s just a suggestion but one we thought worth mentioning. That’s all! And on this topic, how do you think college stores fare on days when decisions go out? We bet they do quite well! We’d be curious to see the sales data.


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