Early Applicant Deadlines

Early applicant deadlines may be changing but that doesn’t mean it applies to you! As you may have read, many colleges have extended their Early Decision and Early Action deadlines. Duke University, the University of Virginia, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Yale University, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania are just a sampling of the many highly selective universities that have chosen to extend its Early deadlines due to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the East Coast.

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If you happen to live in Ventura, California, your application deadline is not impacted by Hurricane Sandy!

But does that mean that just because these universities have extended their deadlines for those impacted by the hurricane that all students should submit their applications late? Absolutely not! If you’re in an area that has not been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, you should absolutely be submitting your application on time. On time means not an hour late. Not even a minute. Submit it before the deadline as servers have been known to crash at the deadline.

Colleges know where you live. They know what areas have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Ventura, California is not one such area so if you live in Ventura, you have no excuse but to submit your application on time. If, however, you live in lower Manhattan, then you are definitely in the area of impact. You should have already submitted your application but if you happen to be a procrastinator, know that you can procrastinate for a little bit longer thanks to the biggest storm that’s hit the East Coast in our lifetimes. But, seriously, go to a library if you don’t have Internet access and send in your application already! There is no sense waiting — no matter the deadline changes.

The University of Virginia and Duke University pushed their deadlines back from Thursday until Sunday; Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Stanford and Boston University until Monday; the University of Pennsylvania until next Tuesday; and Brown and Tufts Universities said they would accept applications until next Wednesday, Nov. 7. The University of Maryland said the deadline would be extended, but didn’t give a date and told applicants to check back to its website.


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