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November 7, 2014

Early Action at Georgetown

Georgetown Early Action, Georgetown Applications, Applications to Georgetown
The stats for Early Action applications at Georgetown are in. Applications are steady from last year (photo credit: Patrickneil).

The total application number for Early Action at Georgetown is in. In all, 6,624 students applied Early Action to Georgetown, completing their applications in advance of the November 1st deadline. This number might go up a bit since the university will still be accepting applications submitted by mail so long as they’re postmarked November 1st. But since nobody we know applies by mail these days, we’re not so sure Georgetown should expect to see a rise in their Early Action application figure.

According to an article on the Early Action stats at Georgetown this year, “The current 6,624 early action applications number is slightly lower than last year’s 6,749 early applicants for the Class of 2018, although exact comparisons will not be determined until all applications are received by mail this week. The number of early action applications peaked with 6,840 in 2013 for the Class of 2017, following 6,831 in 2012 for the Class of 2016 and 6,655 in 2011 for the Class of 2015…The number of early action applications acts as a predictor for the overall number of applications to come, making up an average of about 34 percent of total applications. This year’s early applications predict an overall applicant pool between 19,000 and 20,000, consistent with the last four years, [Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles] Deacon said. Last year, Georgetown had 19,501 total applicants.”

Deacon also noted that he’s particularly hoping to attract more Latino applicants this admissions cycle. That’s interesting that he would say that to the press. Deans of admissions aren’t typically as open about those sorts of things. We appreciate his candor and hope that Georgetown is indeed able to attract more Latino applicants this year.

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