Early Action and Early Decision Notification

Early Action Notification, Early Decision Notification, College Admission Notification

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to Stanford this week through Early Action! We’re so excited for you (photo credit: King of Hearts).

We figured we’d share with our readers other Early Action and Early Decision notification dates and times (outside of the Ivy League):

Amherst College- December 12th

Barnard College – December 10th – 7:00 PM – EST

Boston College (BC) – Before December 25th

Bryn Mawr College – Before December 25th

Bucknell University – December 16th

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – Middle of December

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) – December 13th after midnight EST

Claremont McKenna College – December 15th

Colgate University – will be snail-mailed on December 11th

Connecticut College – December 11th – 7:00 PM EST

Duke University – December 10th – 7:00 PM – EST

Emory University – December 15th – 6:00 PM EST

Georgetown University (GU) – December 15th

Harvey Mudd College – December 11th – 5:00 PM EST

Haverford College – will be received by mail December 15th – no online notification

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) – December 11th – 3:00 PM – EST

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – check email starting December 9th to find out when decisions can be accessed

New York University – December 15th

Northwestern University – December 10th – 7:00 PM – EST

Pomona College – December 15th

Rice University – Middle of December

Stanford University – December 11th

Swarthmore College – December 14th – 6:00 PM EST

Tufts University – Middle of December – or until Tufts admission is finished reviewing ED apps

University of Chicago – December 18th – late afternoon EST

University of Michigan – December 24th

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – End of January

University of Virginia – Middle to late January

Vanderbilt University – December 15th

Wake Forest University – Rolling Decisions -– 6 to 8 weeks after application is complete

Washington University (MO) – December 15th

Wellesley College – December 10th – 5:00 PM EST

Wesleyan University – December 11th – 3:00 PM EST

Williams College – December 10th – evening EST


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