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December 22, 2019

Duke University Class of 2024 Early Decision Statistics

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s Duke applicants to its Class of 2024. You all got in this Early Decision cycle!

Duke University has notified Early Decision applicants to its Class of 2024 of their admissions decisions. In all, 4,300 students applied under Duke’s binding Early Decision policy this cycle. This same figure compared to 4,852 students for the Duke Class of 2023. So, like at the University of Pennsylvania this Early Decision cycle, there was a marked fall in applications. Of the students who did apply to Duke this ED cycle, 887 earned admission. The ED acceptance rate for the Duke Class of 2024 thus stood at 21% — a 3% jump from this time last year. But do keep in mind that the Duke ED admit rate just two years ago, for the Class of 2022, stood at 21%. And it was 24.5% for the Class of 2021. So, as we always tell our readers with respect to year to year fluctuations in admissions rates, it’s important to see the big picture. These year to year dips and climbs aren’t always all that signficant.

And what percentage of the incoming Duke Class of 2024 will ED admits fill? As Stefanie Pousoulides reports for The Duke Chronicle in a piece entitled “Duke Early Decision acceptance rate increases, applications decrease by more than 550,” “’The percentage of the class question is a little harder to answer with precision,’ [Dean of Undergraduate Admissions] Christoph Guttentag wrote. ’In the last two years we’ve had 1,745 first year students, so 887 would represent 50.8 percent.’…’The students who have been admitted in our Early Decision process will be much more than simply the foundation of the Class of 2024,” Guttentag said in the release. ’They are academically the strongest Early Decision group in our history, and have been exceptionally engaged in their communities. They have set the tone for what I expect will be an outstanding class entering Duke next fall.’”

But of course all those words from Duke’s longtime Dean of Undergraduate Admissions don’t mean all that much. Which incoming class isn’t “academically the strongest group”? But, hey, one of the core objectives of our college admissions blog is to point out that very spin. In any case, congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s applicants who applied Early Decision to Duke University this fall. Every one of you earned admission. Go Blue Devils!

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