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Duke has extended its Early Decision deadline due to problems students have faced with the Common App.

The Duke Early Decision deadline is also changing. And why’s that? Because of problems students have been encountering with the Common Application. As longtime Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Duke, Christoph Guttentag writes in an email to students, “Thank you for your interest in Duke University. We know that a number of students and school personnel are experiencing some difficulties using the Common Application to apply to colleges this fall. If you have, or are considering, applying Early Decision to Duke, I am please to let you know that we have extended our application deadline to Friday, November 8. All parts of the application, from both you and your secondary school, should be submitted by the end of the day on November 8.”

And Duke University is not alone in extending their deadline on account of problems with the Common App. Writes the University of Chicago, “The deadline for Early Action applications has been extended to November 8, 2013 for those experiencing technological difficulties when submitting their application and supporting materials.” UNC will be extending their deadline as well: “Please know that we’re very sorry for any technical difficulties you may have experienced while trying to submit your application. We are in regular communication with the Common Application, which is doing their best to resolve these issues. We thank you for your patience. If you haven’t applied already, we’d like to remind you that although our Early Action (EA) deadline is October 15 (tomorrow night at 11:59 PM), if you would like to be considered for our EA deadline but are unable to submit an application by tomorrow night due to technical difficulties, you may still submit your application until Monday, October 21 at 11:59 PM.”

First of all, these schools should in no way be apologizing for the Common App. The Common App should apologize for its own incompetence. Our Founder, Bev Taylor, sharply criticized the Common App. in a “Huffington Post” piece a few weeks back. The extension of deadlines by these schools (and more) is evidence of just how bad the Common App glitches have been this fall.


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