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Doing nothing is not the remedy to turning your deferral into an offer of admission (photo credit: Sach1tb).

We’ve got some deferred Early applicant advice. If you were deferred to your Early Decision or Early Action school(s) and you haven’t yet written or aren’t about to get started on your Letter of Enthusiasm to this school, we happen to think you’re positively nuts. Allow us to offer you up an analogy. You’ve trained to swim the 200 meter butterfly at the Olympic Games. You stared at a black line at the bottom of the pool every day throughout much of your childhood and young adulthood. If you add up the miles you’ve swam, you’ve essentially circumnavigated the earth. But right as your heat is being called at the Olympic Trials, you decide to go to the movies instead. After all, the latest installment of “The Hunger Games” is playing and you just can’t miss it. Ok, that’s an absurd analogy. But so is not writing a Letter of Enthusiasm to your Early Decision or Early Action school(s).

If you applied Early Decision to a school, you committed to that school. You showed that school you loved it. You showed that school that you loved it more than any other school in America. You were prepared to go there if you got in. But you didn’t get in. And yet you didn’t get denied admission either. You were put into limbo. You were deferred. So now that you’ve worked so hard to earn great grades and SAT or ACT scores, now that you’ve invested so many countless hours in your after-school pursuit, you’re going to hang up the towel? You’re not even wet. Remember, you went to the movies. You didn’t go to Olympic Trials. So you’re dry.

It’s time to get wet. If you don’t submit a Letter of Enthusiasm, you can bet you’re not going to get a slot at the Olympic Games. You’ve got to show that college that you still love them, that you don’t have sour grapes, that this school remains your first love. You’ve got to demonstrate to them what you can add to their university, how you can contribute. There is no better way to do this than by submitting a powerful Letter of Enthusiasm.

But an ordinary letter won’t do. Chances are there’s a good reason you got deferred. Maybe your admissions essays weren’t very good. Don’t make the same mistake again with your Letter of Enthusiasm. This letter has got to be exceptional if you hope to stand out from all of the other Regular Decision and deferred applicants. Because you’re competing with all of them! If interested in our assistance with a Letter of Enthusiasm, fill out our free consultation form and indicate on the bottom that you’d like our help with a Letter of Enthusiasm. We look forward to hearing from you.


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