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Deferred applicants should not be doing nothing. They should be proactive (photo credit: David Emmerman).

We’ve got some deferred applicant recommendations for the readers of our college admissions blog who happened to be deferred at their Early Decision or Early Action school. Now is not the time to do nothing. Maybe you’ve moved on from thinking about your dream college. Maybe you really wanted to go to Cornell. Perhaps you dreamed of taking a swim in Cayuga Lake or eating their fabulous food (it’s absolutely the best campus food of any college in the nation and as it should be with the Cornell School of Hotel Administration and all). And now you’re just trying to think about other things. Maybe you’re trying to replace those thoughts with thoughts of climbing Mount Moosilauke at Dartmouth or going to a Duke basketball game as a Cameron Crazy. Now that would be fun!

But college admissions isn’t dating. You need to move on but don’t move on entirely. After all, what good comes from moving on entirely? A clear head? Sure, that’s nice. But there is still a shot you can get in to the school that deferred you Early. You were not denied admission. You were deferred. So swallow your pride, dream about other schools, but still pursue trying to gain admission to the school that deferred you.

That means that you should write a very powerful letter of enthusiasm to that school, letting them know why you should earn admission, what you can add to the community, what you love about the school, etc. Your letter of enthusiasm should not simply reiterate what was on the rest of your application. It should not be a slightly different version of your other college admissions essays. it must be different. It must be moving. There was a reason you were deferred and weren’t admitted so you’ve got to shine here. And, yes, we sure do help students craft incredibly powerful letters of recommendation so if you’re in this boat, click on our orange button and sign up for a free consultation today.

Is writing a letter of enthusiasm all you should be doing if you’re deferred? No. Check back to our blog to find out what else you should be doing to turn that deferral into an offer of admission. Yes, it can happen. It happens to applicants every year.


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