Crazy People and Early Decision

Crazy People and Early Action, Early Action and Crazies, Early Decision and Crazies

Crazy people choose not to apply Early Decision or Early Action. They’re crazy because they’re defying years of statistics that point to the benefit of applying Early.

If you’re the parent of a student who isn’t yet sure where he or she wants to go to college, that’s fairly normal. Lots of people procrastinate. Especially teenagers. Your daughter has been promising to clean up her room for weeks and there is still a ton of dirty laundry sprinkled across her floor. You may wonder if there is even floor. And while procrastination is normal, in highly selective college admissions, it is the enemy. It is the absolute statistical enemy. Have a glance at our compiled Ivy League Admissions Statistics through the years. Take a close look at Early Decision / Early Action admission statistics. Then, compare those same statistics to Regular Decision admission statistics at the same universities. Notice a difference? If not, we suggest you purchase third grade mathematics flashcards. Whatever. We tell it like it is, whether you like it or not.

If your son or daughter is still procrastinating and is considering against applying Early Decision or Early Action to a college because he or she isn’t ready to make that binding commitment to a school (in the case of Early Decision), then your son or daughter needs a good kick in the tush. Is that how you spell tush? We’re not quite sure. We Googled it but we only came up with the Central District of Siahkal County in Iran. That’s not what we were aiming for, as you might well imagine. But, in all seriousness, your child would be crazy to not apply Early. An Early Decision / Early Action card is one of the few — and we do mean few — cards that a student has in his or her back pocket. So this card must be used and it must be used wisely. To not use it, in our straight-shooting opinion, is absolutely, positively crazy. Don’t be crazy.

The fact is that your child is going to have to commit to one school in the end anyway. He or she might as well commit before November 1st, when the odds are much more strongly in his or her favor. By applying Early, he or she just might gain admission to that reach school. And if you’re not sure what is a reach school or not, or if your child actually has a genuine shot for admission to a particular college, we recommend you complete a paid one-hour evaluation with us so that we can go over your child’s case for admission. Among many other things, you will come away with an understanding of what our famous crystal ball (and, no, we’re not kidding…not in the least!) says about your child’s case for admission to a particular Early Decision / Early Action school. If our crystal ball tells you not to waste your Early card on Princeton, we suggest you listen and use your Early card more wisely. And we’ll tell you how to do just that.

So fill out our free consultation form today to discuss our service offerings. If you’re interested in proceeding straight to the paid one-hour evaluation that follows (since our free consult is only to answer questions about our service offerings), kindly email us your physical mailing address. We won’t be mailing you anything. We only need the physical mailing address to include at the top of an Agreement that we send to you via email. We will then email you the documents we need in advance of the evaluation, like any terrible, horrible, no good, very bad essays that have been written, your child’s transcript, testing, etc. We look forward to hearing from you.


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