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December 26, 2020

Cornell University Class of 2025 Early Decision Statistics

Early Decision applications to Cornell skyrocketed this fall (photo credit: Justin Ennis).

Cornell University has not yet reported its Early Decision admissions figures for the Class of 2025. And why not? Because back in March, Cornell announced that they would not be releasing admissions statistics when notifications go out in December for the Early Decision round and March for the Regular Decision round. Instead, they are choosing to delay the release of this data. Maybe so as not to add to the stress of applicants. Maybe so they don’t have to report a drop in applications in a down year. Who knows, who cares. It’s not like Cornell is alone. Stanford University has long delayed the release of their numbers. So too has Columbia University. In any case, in spite of their delayed reporting, we can report that applications to Cornell surged this Early Decision cycle. In fact, prior to notifications even going out, we projected that ED applications were up by a margin of around 36% at Cornell this Early cycle. That’s right…36%!

Early Decision Applications to Cornell’s Class of 2025 Skyrocket

Last year, Cornell received 6,616 applications in the Early Decision round, though some reports indicated the school received 6,630 applications (this figure may have included incomplete applications or applications of students who chose to withdraw during the process). This year? The Ithaca, New York-based institution received over 9,000 Early Decision applications, according to our sources. The difference is indeed stark. In the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems high school seniors only became more interested in making binding commitments to the Ivy League institution.

Another Early Cycle, Another Perfect Sweep at Cornell

In any case, we’ll update our readers when Cornell alas chooses to release Early Decision and Regular Decision data for the Class of 2025. We expect that will be in August (just like this year). But, in the meantime, congratulations to each and every Ivy Coach student who completed applications with us and applied Early Decision to Cornell University’s Class of 2025. Each and every one of you got in. The same was the case last year when we marked perfection across all eight Ivy League schools in the Early round for the Class of 2024. We were also perfect at Cornell in the Early Decision round for the Class of 2023. In places like Los Angeles and Chicago, we think they call that a three-peat!

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