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December 17, 2022

Columbia University Class of 2027 Early Decision Admissions Statistics

Columbia University Class Of 2027 Early Decision Admissions Statistics
Columbia University’s US News rankings scandal hung over its admissions process this year (photo credit: Andrew Chen).

With few exceptions year-over-year, applications to America’s elite universities increase over time — typically rather significantly. Columbia University’s Early Decision cycle for the Class of 2027 marks an exception to this trendline: ED applications to Columbia dipped 9% from last year. The cause? Look no further than Columbia’s unprecedented slide in the annual US News & World Report ranking — from a tie for #2 to a tie for #18 — after Columbia got caught by one of its own professors misreporting data to the publication. No Ivy League school ranked lower in this year’s US News ranking.

Columbia University Early Decision Applications to the Class of 2027 Dip

5,738 students applied Early Decision to Columbia’s Class of 2027, marking the third-largest ED applicant pool in the school’s history. Last year, for the Columbia Class of 2026, 6,305 students made binding commitments to attend the Ivy League university — the second-most in the school’s history. For the Columbia Class of 2025, a record 6,435 students applied Early Decision to the Manhattan, New York-based school. Before the Class of 2025, Early Decision applications to Columbia never hit 4,500, as the Ivy League school’s admissions statistics lay bare.

What Columbia’s Class of 2027 Early Decision Application Dip Means for the School

It’s too early to tell just how much Columbia’s slide in the all-important US News rankings will have on the Ivy League institution in the long run. But it’s not unexpected that applications would drop after such an embarrassing scandal for the school, particularly involving its admissions office. But, as our loyal readers know, we’ve got a crystal ball at Ivy Coach. Our crystal ball forecasted that Columbia’s applications would drop this year. So far, we’re right. Our crystal ball also predicts that Regular Decision applications will be down year-over-year and that Columbia’s longtime admissions leader will soon get reassigned within the university due to the scandal — whether or not it’s her fault.

Columbia Historically Releases Admissions Data Later Than Other Ivies

Columbia’s Early Decision acceptance rate for the Class of 2027 has yet to be released as the school typically publishes these admissions figures months later. Last year, for the Class of 2026, 10.31% of Early Decision applicants got in. For the Class of 2025, a record-low 10.1% of ED applicants earned admission. Before the Class of 2025, Columbia’s Early Decision admission rate never fell below 14.6%.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance Moving Forward for Deferred and Denied Columbia Applicants

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to the Columbia University Class of 2027! If you’re a student who applied Early Action to Columbia and were deferred or denied admission, reach out to us today to set up a free admissions consultation so you can learn about our services for deferred and denied services. For deferred students, we offer a PostMortem application review followed by assistance in crafting a powerful Letter of Enthusiasm. For denied students, we provide a PostMortem application review. For deferred and denied students, we offer help with applications over the remaining days before Regular Decision deadlines. We love families who first come to us after deferrals and denials because they know they need our help and follow our advice as best they can.

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