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December 17, 2018

Columbia University Class of 2023 Early Decision Stats

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Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who applied to Columbia this year. You all got in!

Columbia University released Early Decision notifications yesterday — and what a year it was for the school’s admissions office. In all, 4,461 students applied under Columbia’s binding Early Decision policy, as reports “The Columbia Spectator” in a piece about Columbia’s Early pool. These students applied to either Columbia College or the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science in the hope of earning a spot in Columbia’s incoming Class of 2023. This figure not only marks an increase of 376 applications from the same figure just last year (for the Class of 2022), it also marks an all-time record Early Decision pool for the university in Morningside Heights, Manhattan.

Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who applied Early Decision to Columbia University this year. Just like last year, every one of you got in and we’re so happy for you!

At Barnard College, the women’s liberal arts college of Columbia University, Early Decision applications were up by a margin of 24% this year. A total of 1,235 students applied under Barnard’s binding Early Decision policy. This marked an increase from 993 students last year. Admitted Early Decision candidates to Barnard hail from 35 states and 31 nations. And seven recruited athletes who will attend Barnard will compete for Columbia University’s athletic teams, as reports “The Columbia Spectator” in a piece about Barnard’s Class of 2023 Early Decision pool.

We’ll reveal more information on Columbia’s incoming class in the months to come, including a demographic breakdown of the class. Historically, Columbia releases this information later on but once it is released, we’ll be sure to share it with our readers.

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