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December 29, 2017

Columbia University Class of 2022 Early Decision Stats

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Columbia University received one fewer Early Decision applicant this year as compared to last year.

4,085 students applied Early Decision in the hope of becoming members of the Columbia University Class of 2022. But this Early Decision application figure was not an all-time record for the university. Rather, the all-time record was set last year, for the Class of 2021. Last year, 4,086 students made binding commitments to attend the Morningside Heights, Manhattan-based school. So, by our advanced mathematics, that means that the school had one fewer applicant this Early Decision cycle than it did last Early Decision cycle. And while this will of course have absolutely no impact on Columbia, it’s a bummer for an admissions office’s press release touting the breakdown of the Early Decision admits. Oh wait, Columbia is the one Ivy League college that doesn’t publish such a release…so there’s that!

Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who applied Early Decision to Columbia University. Every one of you got in!

Columbia University Class of 2022 Early Decision Pool

As reports Rahil Kamath for “The Columbia Spectator” in a piece about Columbia’s Class of 2022, “The Office of Undergraduate Admissions received 4,085 early decision applications to Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science for the class of 2022, just one fewer application than they received last year. The office reviewed 4,086 early decision applications for the class of 2021 last year, the largest number of early applicants in Columbia’s history. That was also a 16 percent increase from the year before, when the office received 3,520 early applications.”

In fact, this year’s Early Decision pool of 4,085 applicants bucked a trend for the university of an increasing pool of Early applicants through the years. The last time this Early Decision application figure didn’t rise from the previous cycle was for the Class of 2016 — quite a while ago. And just to put these figures in perspective, ten years ago, Columbia received 2,582 ED applications. In a few years, our crystal ball anticipates that Columbia’s Early Decision pool will double the 2012 figure. And as our regular readers know well, our crystal ball is famously accurate, even cited on the pages of “The Dartmouth,” America’s oldest college newspaper.

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