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Columbia University will notify Early Decision applicants to the Class of 2021 this evening of their decisions (photo credit: Andrew Chen).

Most highly selective colleges haven’t notified students of their admissions decisions just yet. Sure, a few highly selective schools have. Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University are among the institutions that led the charge this year in notifying applicants as early as possible. We commend these schools for their speed as there are so many thousands of anxious college applicants waiting with bated breath for their decisions after submitting their applications by November 1st.

Fingers and toes crossed for our applicants to Columbia University. You’ll learn of your decisions at 6 PM ET today.

And today, after 6 PM Eastern Time, Columbia University will be notifying Early Decision applicants of their decisions. That’s in just a few short hours. Last year, for the Class of 2020, Columbia admitted 17.6% of its Early Decision applicants. For the Class of 2019, that same statistic stood at 18.5%. For the Class of 2018, it was 19.7%. Notice a trend? But while the Early Decision admission rate at Columbia might be getting lower and lower, let’s put it in perspective. In the Regular Decision round for the Class of 2020, the admit rate stood at 4.8%. That’s a mighty difference from 17.6%, wouldn’t you say? For the Class of 2019, the Regular Decision admit rate was 4.9%. And it was 5.5% for the Class of 2018. Indeed there’s a trend there too!

So is there an advantage in applying Early Decision to Columbia as opposed to applying in the Regular Decision round? You bet there is. While Mark Twain taught us that there are “Lies, damned lies and statistics,” these Columbia admissions statistics are rather telling. And so, to our students at Ivy Coach, our fingers are crossed in these final hours as you await word from the alma mater of Cliff Montgomery. Oh, and yes, our toes are crossed too. Duh.


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