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November 28, 2021

Class of 2026 Early Action and Early Decision Notification Dates

We’ve got the Class of 2026 EA/ED notification dates for our nation’s top universities (photo credit: Namkota).

Wondering when you will learn of your admissions decision from an Ivy League school or from another elite university? Most elite universities release their decisions in mid-December. Sometimes schools are super specific about when they’ll be notifying applicants of their decisions, while other times they keep it vague. “Mid-December” is about as vague as one can get. Among the Ivy League institutions, Yale University has stated that decisions will be released in the evening (Eastern Time) on December 15th but the other seven Ivies have only stated decisions will roll out on December 15th. But as the date gets closer, we expect the schools will release more in the way of specifics. So do stay tuned! Without further ado, below are the Class of 2026 Early Action and Early Decision notification dates for many of America’s elite universities:

College / University Early Decision / Early Action Notification Date
Amherst CollegeEarly to Mid December
Barnard CollegeMid December
Bates CollegeDecember 20th
Boston CollegeDecember 15th
Bowdoin CollegeMid December
Brandeis UniversityDecember 15th
Brown UniversityMid December
California Institute of TechnologyMid December
Carnegie Mellon UniversityDecember 15th
Claremont McKenna CollegeDecember 15th
Colby CollegeDecember 15th
Columbia UniversityMid December
Cornell UniversityMid December
Dartmouth CollegeMid December
Duke UniversityMid December
Emory UniversityDecember 15th
Georgetown UniversityDecember 15th
Harvard UniversityMid December
Johns Hopkins UniversityDecember 10th
Middlebury CollegeDecember 15th
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMid December
New York UniversityDecember 15th
Northwestern UniversityMid December
Pomona CollegeDecember 15th
Princeton UniversityMid December
Rice UniversityMid December
Smith CollegeMid December
Stanford UniversityDecember 15th
Swarthmore CollegeMid December
Tufts UniversityMid December
Tulane UniversityNovember 22nd (ED1) / January 15th (EA)
University of MichiganLate January
University of Notre DameMid December
University of PennsylvaniaMid December
University of VirginiaMid December (ED1) / Mid February (EA)
Vanderbilt UniversityMid December
Vassar CollegeMid December
Villanova UniversityDecember 15th (ED1) / January 15th (EA)
Washington University in St. LouisDecember 17th
Wellesley CollegeMid December
Wesleyan UniversityMid December
Williams CollegeDecember 15th
Yale UniversityDecember 15th (Evening Eastern Time)

While you’re here, see how these dates compare to the Early Action and Early Decision notification dates for the Class of 2025.

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