Class of 2022 Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates

2022 Early Decision Dates, Class of 2022 Early Action Dates, Early Decision Notification Dates

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If you’re a high school senior or the parent of a high school senior, you’re likely getting anxious as the days tick down until the announced Class of 2022 Early Decision and Early Action notification dates. We’ve aggregated the notification dates for many of America’s most highly selective colleges below. Sometimes the schools are extremely specific about when they’ll be releasing their decisions and sometimes they’re vague (we’re looking at those schools that only specify they’ll be releasing decisions in mid-December — gee thanks!). Hopefully, for high school seniors who applied Early Decision or Early Action as well as their parents, knowing when the decisions will be released can alleviate at least a little bit of stress during these anxious days.

Not Applying Early Decision or Early Action Is Crazy

If it’ll help calm those nerves, check out our compiled admissions statistics for the Early Decision or Early Action rounds at Ivy League schools for previous classes. If, say, you applied Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania this year, it just might make you feel better to know that 22% of applicants earned admission to the Class of 2021 in the Early Decision round — as compared to 6.8% in the Regular Decision round. Students who choose not to apply Early Decision or Early Action to a given school or schools make one of the biggest mistakes in the college admissions process. So know that by applying Early, you made a wise choice. And if you don’t get in (as in you get denied admission), you’ll be in the same boat as the folks who didn’t apply Early. So what pray tell is the advantage of not applying Early? Even if you get deferred, you’re generally in a better spot than a Regular Decision applicant. As a rule of thumb, about 10% of students who are deferred at highly selective colleges end up getting in. Remember that Regular Decision admission statistic at the University of Pennsylvania? It was 6.8%. You do the math.

Class of 2022 Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates

Amherst CollegeDecember 8th
Barnard CollegeMid-December
Brown UniversityMid-December
California Institute of TechnologyMid-December
Carnegie Mellon UniversityDecember 10th
Columbia UniversityMid-December
Cornell UniversityDecember 11th
Dartmouth CollegeMid-December
Duke UniversityBy December 15th
Emory UniversityBy December 15th
Georgetown UniversityDecember 15th
Harvard UniversityDecember 12th
Johns HopkinsBy December 15th
Middlebury CollegeDecember 9th
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMid-December
New York UniversityDecember 15th
Northwestern University Mid-December
Princeton UniversityMid-December
Rice UniversityMid-December
Stanford UniversityDecember 8th
Swarthmore CollegeBy December 15th
Tufts UniversityMid-December
University of ChicagoMid-December
University of Michigan – Ann ArborBy December 24th
University of North Carolina – Chapel HillBy January 31st
University of Notre DameBy December 25th
University of PennsylvaniaMid-December
University of VirginiaBy January 31st
Vanderbilt UniveresityDecember 15th
Vassar CollegeMid-December
Washington University at St. Louis                            Mid-December
Wesllesley CollegeDecember 7th
Wesleyan UniversityMid-December
Williams CollegeBy December 15th
Yale UniversityMid-December


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