Class of 2021 Early Notifications

Class of 2021 Admission, Class of 2021 Early Decision Notification, Class of 2021 Early Action Notification

We’ve got the Early Decision / Early Action notification dates for selective and highly selective colleges across America.

We have so many folks writing in over the last few days asking us when just about every highly selective college will be notifying applicants to the Class of 2021 of their decisions from the Early Decision / Early Action round. It’s exhausting. While we put out information every day about highly selective college admissions, we are a business. Not an information service. So for those folks writing in demanding to know when a certain school will notify applicants, don’t be too surprised when you don’t get a reply. After all, we need to devote our time and attention to our clients. But, as the leading source of advice on highly selective college admissions, we figured we’d post one final update on when we anticipate various selective and highly selective colleges to notify Early Decision / Early Action applicants of their decisions. So here goes. And if our readers know of a more recent update (since some schools update this information), do post a Comment below and we’ll verify accordingly.

Amherst College Already notified
Barnard College December 13th
Bates College December 20th
Boston College Towards the end of this week
Bowdoin College Already notified
Brown University December 14th at 5 PM ET
California Institute of Technology Already notified
Carnegie Mellon University Already notified
Claremont McKenna College December 15th
Colby College December 15th
Columbia University Tomorrow after 6 PM ET
Cornell University Already notified
Dartmouth College December 14th
Duke University December 14th at 7 PM ET
Emory University December 15th
Georgetown University December 15th
Harvard University December 13th
Haverford College December 15th
Johns Hopkins University By December 16th
Middlebury College Already notified
Massachusetts Institute of Technology December 15th at 6:28 PM ET (yes, they’re always this specific!)
New York University December 15th at 5 PM ET
Northwestern University December 15th
Princeton University December 15th after 3 PM ET
Rice University Mid-December
Stanford Univeresity Already notified
Swarthmore College Already notified
Tufts University Mid-December
University of Chicago Mid-December
University of Michigan By December 24th
University of North Carolina By January 31st
University of Virginia January 31st
Vanderbilt University December 15th
Vassar College Tomorrow at 5 PM ET
Washington University in St. Louis Already notified
Wellesley College Already notified
Wesleyan University Already notified
Williams College Already notified
Yale University December 15th

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  • Patrick Walsh says:

    Do you have a list of dates that these schools will relate their decisions for RD?

  • San says:

    What about Harvey Mudd? It is quite selective, especially because unlike MIT or Caltech, where students apply “just because”, the students who apply to Harvey Mudd know how good the school is. In my area, I talked to many Guidance Counselors, and they did not even know that this school existed – I was not surprised. GCs were asking the students to apply to “Known” Ivy Leagues.

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