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December 19, 2020

Brown University Class of 2025 Early Decision Admissions Statistics

Brown’s Early Decision admit rate dropped to 15.9% for the Class of 2025. This same figure stood at 17.5% for the Class of 2024 (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

5,540 students submitted binding Early Decision applications to Brown University this fall. Of these applicants, 885 earned admission — including every single one of Ivy Coach’s clients who completed ED applications with us to Brown this fall. By our calculus, this corresponds with a 15.9% Early Decision admit rate for the Early Decision pool of Brown’s Class fo 2025. The 5,540 students marked the largest Early applicant pool in Brown’s long history. Last year, this same figure stood at 4,562 applicants — which itself was an all-time record. Out of last year’s record pool, 800 students earned admission (for a 17.5% ED admit rate). So ED admits did increase at Brown this year, though we suspect there will be even fewer RD admits this spring since it’s not like Brown’s been busy building dorms during this pandemic to accommodate not only increased Class of 2025 admits but all those students from the Class of 2024 who opted to take gap years.

Breakdown of the Early Decision Admits to Brown’s Class of 2025

As Will Kubzansky reports for The Brown Daily Herald in a piece entitled “Brown accepts record-low 15.9 percent of early decision applicants,” “Of the cohort of accepted students, 48 percent identified as students of color — another record high and an increase from 44 percent last year. Sixteen percent identify as first-generation college students, and 59 percent of students accepted applied for financial aid, both decreasing from 17 percent and 62 percent of the students admitted early to the class of 2024, respectively…Thirty percent of applicants were deferred for review in the regular decision process. The University additionally admitted 45 Questbridge scholars, and 19 students to the Program in Liberal Medical Education — a 10 percent acceptance rate to the program. Students accepted to the class of 2025 represent 44 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 46 nations. The top foreign countries represented in the pool of accepted students were China, the United Kingdom, India, South Korea and Canada.”

Ivy Coach’s Four Year Streak of Perfection at Brown University in Early Decision

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who completed Early Decision applications with our assistance to Brown this fall. You all got in! In fact, we’ve got quite the streak going at Brown in the Early Decision round. All students who completed applications with our help and applied early Decision to Brown’s Class of 2024 also all got in. The same was true for the Class of 2023 and the Class of 2022. We were not perfect in the Early round for the Class of 2021. So it’s a four year streak of perfection at Brown. It doesn’t quite match the streak we had going at Dartmouth (our 13 year streak of perfection in the ED round was snapped a couple of years ago though we’ve been perfect since), but give us some years! We’ll aim to get there.

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