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December 4, 2019

Bowdoin College Class of 2024 Early Decision Statistics

It was a banner ED I cycle for Bowdoin this year (photo credit: PolarBear11).

Bowdoin College received 820 Early Decision I applications to its Class of 2024. During a year in which Early Decision applications are down at a host of universities, Bowdoin set a new benchmark with applications this cycle. In fact, the ED I application tally was up 12.5% from the ED I application tally for Bowdoin’s Class of 2023. So Bowdoin’s admissions office must be pretty pleased with itself…wouldn’t you say?

A Banner Early Decision I Cycle for Bowdoin

As Lily Randall reports for The Bowdoin Orient in a piece entitled “Bowdoin receives record number of applicants for early decision round I,” “Bowdoin provided accommodations for early decision applicants affected by the extended teacher strikes in Chicago as well as natural disasters in California and Texas. Though most students ultimately did not need them, the accommodations included an extension on the application deadline, the option to solicit letters of recommendation from community members and allowing the uploading of a graded paper in lieu of a recommendation letter. Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Whitney Soule did not attribute the increase to any singular effort by the Office of Admissions. ’Our recruitment efforts, our messaging campaigns, and broadening [the] reach of awareness of Bowdoin are probably all important influences,’ Soule explained. ’We are still working through the reading and selection process for this round, but the group is incredibly talented, making our work both really interesting and really complicated at the same time.’”

Congratulations to Bowdoin on the school’s record Early Decision I cycle and to all students who earned admission to the Brunswick, Maine-based campus for the Class of 2024.

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