Boston College Class of 2024 Changed Early Policy

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BC is changing its Early policy again (photo credit: BCLicious).

Boston College had changed its Early admission policy for the Class of 2023. Prior to this year, BC’s admissions office didn’t allow an applicant to apply Early Action to the university if he or she submitted a binding Early Decision application elsewhere. The lifting of this restriction for the Class of 2023 led to a spike in applications at Doug Flutie’s alma mater. In all, 15,682 students applied Early Action to BC’s Class of 2023 — compared to 10,350 for the Class of 2022. BC had to be happy with the increased interest but the admissions office isn’t exactly resting on its laurels for the Class of 2024. No, not at all — BC’s admissions office has changed the policy again!

BC Changes Its Early Policy Again

In an even bolder move, BC has eliminated Early Action entirely for the Class of 2024, replacing the policy with non-binding Early Action. As reports Jack Goldman for “The Heights” in a piece entitled “BC Creates Early Decision Admission for Class of ’24, Replacing Early Action,” “Boston College announced that the University is implementing an Early Decision (ED) admissions program to replace its Early Action (EA) program for Class of 2024 applicants. The change comes in response to a 14 percent increase in overall applications this admissions cycle, as well as a 54 percent increase in EA applications. The surge was prompted by an admissions policy change that previously barred students applying to other universities ED from applying early to BC. ED applicants will have to commit to attending the University if they are admitted and will not be allowed to consider other options after their admission.”

BC Will Likely Receive Fewer Applications for its Class of 2024

As our loyal readers know all too well, we’ve got a crystal ball at Ivy Coach. Our crystal ball hereby forecasts that BC will receive fewer Early applications for its Class of 2024 because not as many students will want to make binding commitments to the school. But we also predict that BC is cool with it. You see, in light of the fact that BC’s applicant pool is up so dramatically this year, they can stand to receive fewer applications — particularly if it results in a higher yield. And since Early Decision applicants are bound to matriculate if admitted, our crystal ball also hereby forecasts a higher yield for the BC Class of 2024. Alright, alright. Our prophecies aren’t always so profound. Deal with it.


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