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December 29, 2019

Admit to UChicago Class of 2024

The University of Chicago shared a touching story of a student offered admission to its Class of 2024 (photo credit: Richie Diesterheft).

The University of Chicago has shared a touching story about a young man who earned admission as an Early Decision applicant to the University of Chicago’s Class of 2024. The young man, Arturo Ballesteros, was no stranger to the University of Chicago. As a student at Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School in Chicago, Ballesteros was a member of UChicago’s Collegiate Scholars Program, an initiative offering support to high-achieving and underrepresented students in Chicago’s public school system. The program, which focuses on civic engagement and cultural exploration, offers students the opportunity to take coursework on the University of Chicago campus each summer.

UChicago Offers Student Admission In Person

But the University of Chicago didn’t just offer this young man admission via a portal or email. Rather, the University of Chicago delivered Ballesteros’ admission in person. It’s certainly not the first time an elite school has delivered an offer of admission in person. In fact, we had a student a couple of years ago who received his offer of admission (and a sweatshirt!) in person at his school. But it’s certainly unusual — and it speaks to UChicago’s excitement to have Ballesteros on campus this coming fall. It’s a testament to their Collegiate Scholars Program.

As Emily R. Ehret writes for UChicago News in a piece entitled “Surprise ceremony welcomes student into University of Chicago’s incoming class,” “Waiting there were his parents Rosa and Juan Ballesteros, teachers and advisers, and admissions counselors from the University of Chicago with his acceptance into the College’s Class of 2024. The packed room erupted in applause for Ballesteros, who will be the first member of his family to graduate high school and attend college. ’Arturo’s dedication to learning is unmatched,’ said Brandon McCallister, a senior admissions counselor at UChicago. ’Everyone I have spoken with has praised his commitment to academics, his leadership and his genuine nature. I am thrilled that Arturo will be a member of our Class of 2024.’…Ballesteros will receive a full-ride through UChicago Promise’s Chicago Public Schools Scholarship and the Odyssey Scholarship Program, a comprehensive program that overcomes obstacles to higher education for talented students with financial need. Students in the Odyssey Scholarship Program receive loan-free financial aid and career support during their time at UChicago.”

Ivy Coach congratulates this young man, Arturo Ballesteros, on his admission to the University of Chicago and we salute the school for offering him admission in such a deeply personal way (though it sure does make for great press, too!).

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