2016 Early Decision Notification Dates

2021 Early Decision Dates, 2021 Early Action Dates, Class of 2021 Early Action

We’ve got some notification dates for Early Decision and Early Action applicants to the Class of 2021.

For those students waiting to hear from their Early Decision / Early Action schools, we figured we’d update you with anticipated notification dates. After all, there’s no sense checking your phone every day, every hour on the hour if you know the decision isn’t coming for another several days, right? Seriously. Stop checking your phones so much. And we know you’re doing it more than every hour on the hour. You’re checking every five minutes. Enough. Go for a walk. A swim. Go fly a kite.

Brown will be notifying applicants on December 14th. Cornell will have them beat. They’re notifying applicants on December 8th, Columbia on December 12th. Dartmouth will notify applicants on December 14th, Harvard on December 13th. Princeton still hasn’t released word on the precise date they’ll be informing Early Action applicants, though UPenn has and it’ll be on December 9th. Yale will release word on December 15th. So that covers the Ivy League colleges. Glad we got that taken care of. Phew.

Outside the Ivies, Duke will release decisions on December 15th, Stanford on the 9th. Northwestern will release on the 15th, Johns Hopkins on the 16th. Williams and Amherst will both release on the 15th. Oh and Carnegie Mellon and Emory will send out word on the 15th too. But this is dreadfully boring to check the notification dates on each university’s admissions page so if you’re curious to know one, just ask away. Or just look it up yourselves. On the school’s admissions homepage. So there’s that. We know you can do it, Class of 2021!


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