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December 19, 2017

Ivy Coach’s 13 Year Streak in the Dartmouth College Early Decision Round

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Over the last 13 years, every last one of our clients who worked with us on their applications have earned admission when they applied Early Decision to Dartmouth College.

Cal Ripken played in 2,632 consecutive Major League Baseball games. Mariah Carey hasn’t hit a note in six years (we kid!). The San Antonio Spurs haven’t missed the NBA playoffs since 1998. And we’ve got some of our own streaks here at Ivy Coach. One of these streaks is at Dartmouth College. We knew it had been many years since one of our students who applied in the Early Decision round at Dartmouth didn’t earn admission. We just didn’t realize the last time that happened was in 2004. After running through the data today, we realized our streak of admissions (of students who worked with us on their applications) without any deferrals or denials in the Early Decision round at Dartmouth College runs 13 years. And we’ve had several Early Decision applicants to Dartmouth in each and every one of those years.

Congratulations to our students who applied Early Decision to Dartmouth and earned admission last week. You all got in. And you kept our streak alive!

Ivy Coach’s Perfection at Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Penn, and Columbia This Early Cycle

Now think about this. Thousands of folks read our college admissions blog every day, including our seniors and their parents. So if one of our students didn’t get in, we wouldn’t exactly be able to boast that all of our students got in! But they did. In fact, for the Class of 2022, every last one of our students who worked with us on their applications not only got into Dartmouth. Every last one of our students at Ivy Coach who worked with us on their applications who applied for admission to Harvard this Early cycle also got in. The same is true at Princeton University. It’s true at Brown University. It’s true at the University of Pennsylvania. It’s true at Columbia University. And some of these streaks date back many years as well — though our streak at Dartmouth College is our longest. It’s one we’re very proud of. Hey, we’re not applying for college admission. We’re entitled to brag! We’re a business.

Congratulations to our students from all over the world at Ivy Coach who earned admission to their dream schools this Early Decision / Early Action cycle! Our students were also perfect at lots of other highly selective colleges too — including but not limited to Duke University, Northwestern University, Pomona College, Stanford University, Amherst College, Williams College, and more. Years from now, we will always remember your reactions to learning of your admissions — and we will remember your parents’ reactions too. You can email us and test us. Do it. It’s kind of how we file you away in our minds. Name. College. Reaction. We remember where you were when you learned you were admitted — whether it’s in your room, in class, or on your journey to Mecca. Yes, we had a student making a pilgrimage to Mecca when he learned he got into Columbia. We won’t soon forget that one!

But let’s close it with a song on these days of Chanukah — albeit a lame one. In our faith, we say mazel tov. Or sing it. Yes, we’re silly. Deal with it.

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