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It’s the season for Ivy League admissions interviews! Maybe you got a call on your cell phone, maybe there was an email in your inbox, or maybe when you got home, your mom let you know that your interviewer for Princeton called to schedule an interview. The reason we’re listing various ways you can be contacted is because we don’t want you to be surprised when your alumni interviewer reaches out to schedule your alumni interview. If you’re not surprised, you’ll handle it better. Maybe you’ll be more polite and eager. And that’s exactly how you should be.

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It's Ivy League admissions interview season. Avoid the pitfalls of so many college interviewees.

Is your Ivy League admissions interview by an alumnus or alumna the most important component of your college application? Absolutely not. It’s in fact one of the least important. The alumni interview is actually intended to satisfy alumni who want to be involved in the affairs of their alma maters. Do admissions officers read their evaluation forms? Of course. Do they sometimes sway admissions officers and give them insight into an applicant that otherwise doesn’t come through in their application? You bet. It happens. And therefore you’ve got to prepare and you’ve got to avoid the pitfalls of so many college interviewees.

To close, we’re going to give you a few quick tips. Don’t make your interviewers continually ask questions. If they ask a question, don’t respond with a “yes” or “no” but answer in a few sentences. Expand. Demonstrate your love for learning and discovery. Show how you think and craft an argument. Don’t sound or appear pompous. Arrogance in college admissions interviews is a major mistake. You can’t really think that you’ll get a positive review from your interviewer if you display arrogance. Lastly, ask questions, show your knowledge of the interviewer’s alma mater, and don’t forget to say “thank you!”


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