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When doing college interviewing, don’t dress like this. Dress appropriately. Overdress rather than underdress. Remember the college interview in “Risky Business”? Don’t follow Tom Cruise’s lead.

As students do their college interviewing, they should know the rules to play by in their meetings with alumni. Before you continue reading this post, you should have a look at this animated video we made on what not to do on a college interview. In your interviews, it’s important to demonstrate intellectual curiosity. Show your love of learning. Don’t tell. Don’t talk about your grades. College admissions counselors can read about your grades on your transcript. This is your chance to show a different side of yourself to the colleges to which you’re applying.

Show your love for the alum’s college by demonstrating that you know quite a bit about it. Show that you’ve done your research. If you’re interviewing with an alumnus of Duke, don’t just talk about basketball. If you want to go to a school because of basketball, apply to Kentucky. Duke alums (and Duke admissions officers) don’t just want to hear about basketball. They want to hear about what you like about Duke from an academic standpoint, what you’d like to study, what classes you’re passionate about in high school, and what drives you.

Be modest. Smile. Don’t overstay your welcome. Ask questions when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. Make sure that these questions reflect your knowledge of the university (so don’t ask what the weather is like). Don’t give one word answers, even if the questions posed can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” Instead, expand on your answers. Tell stories and anecdotes. Make yourself someone the interviewer wants to root for. If you do that, you should come away with a positive evaluation. But don’t forget to send a thank you note! So get their emails or physical addresses!

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