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Here’s a college interviewing tip for you: Send a thank you note! You’d be amazed how many students either forget to do this simple thing, are too lazy to do it, or don’t realize that they should. Writing thank you notes after college interviews — and for any and all interviews in life — is important. It’s standard operating procedure. This isn’t something you should blow off. For our students at Ivy Coach, we tell them it’s mandatory. And when you send that thank you note matters a great deal too.

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Send a thank you note after your college interview. Right after! And it should not look like this card!

Should you send the note a few days after your college interview? Or maybe a couple of weeks after? A month? The answer is no, no, no. Your thank you note should go out hours after your interview. And why is that? Because interviewer evaluation forms are filled out online and interviewers quite often fill them out immediately after the interview. They do this because if they don’t fill it out right away, they might forget some of the specifics that you mentioned in your interview. For instance, when asked to describe  your intellectual curiosity, they may not remember your love for historical fiction days after the interview ends. But they will remember it immediately after so be sure to get that thank you note over to them!

In your thank you note, don’t just write a cursory, template note. Use specifics. Write about some of the specific things that your interviewer mentioned about the school to which you’re applying. Don’t just write that the school has a beautiful campus. If your interviewer discussed his love for a class, write about that experience they shared and write how you think you’d have a similar experience from what it sounds like. Demonstrate that you paid attention during your college interview. Too many students send generic thank you notes if they choose to send them at all. Avoid these pitfalls!


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