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February 2, 2012

College Interview Questions

Let’s talk about college interview questions. When you go on your college interview (whether it’s with a college admissions officer, a current student, or an alum of the university), you should have questions prepared in advance to ask the interviewer. It’s a part of the interview that always happens. It’s the wrap up: “So do you have any questions that I could answer?” Don’t ever shake your head or say “no.” You must always have questions! And these aren’t questions you should prepare on the spot! These are questions you should prepare in advance.

If you prepare a question for a college interviewer on the spot, it might well sound something like, “So, does Duke have small class sizes?” Or maybe, “What do students do outside of their coursework?” Those questions are lame! They are totally unspecific and they show that you really haven’t researched Duke University prior to your interview! Lots of universities have small class sizes! What do students do outside of their coursework? They pursue their passions. They play the violin. They play tennis. Come on now.

Your questions should cite specifics. Cite a specific professor’s class that you sat in on and say what you liked about it. Follow that up with a question that can be more general about other classes at Duke. It asks a general question that the interviewer can respond to but it also shows how you’ve not only researched Duke but also visited! Ask about Krzyzewskiville and what it was like as a freshman to sleep in a tent outdoor Cameron Indoor Stadium (but don’t just ask basketball-related questions as Duke is much more than a basketball powerhouse). Anyway, you get the idea. The game in the college interview is specifics and your questions at the end of the interview should reflect this.

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