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If your child is a blob, he or she should not go on college interviews (picture from “Wikipedia”).

Since it’s college interview season for Regular Decision applicants, we wanted to give college interview advice to students who aren’t necessarily great interviewers. If you’re a blob, don’t interview. Blobs, as defined now, are students who show no demonstrable personality, who don’t interact well with people, and don’t leave a positive impression in peoples’ minds. If asked about their favorite activity, maybe they’ll say “chess club.” But they won’t expand further on that answer. If an interviewer makes a joke — even if it’s not funny — they won’t even make an attempt to laugh because their social skill-set is depleted. These students are out there — maybe you’re even wondering if your son or daughter fits this description. It’s possible they do. And if they do, they should absolutely not interview for colleges!

If your child is a blob, we urge parents and students not to pick up their phones from any number they don’t already recognize around this time of year. Because interviewers either call or email. Emails can be ignored. With calls, you have to be careful not to accidentally pick up. So before this call comes in, perhaps you should discuss with your child if they think they’d interview well. If they do but you don’t, a little push might go a long way. Having a bad college interview can indeed hurt their chances for admission, even though the college interview isn’t one of the biggest factors in admission to highly selective colleges.

If your child is insistent upon interviewing, then at least check out our video on what not to do on college interviews. We imagine they make some of these key mistakes. It’s better to have no interview than a terrible interview. If you think you may come across as a blob — or if your parents do — then we urge you to avoid phone calls from numbers you don’t know in the coming weeks. Play it one step ahead of the folks who want to interview you!


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