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Leave the Beamer at home when you go to your college alumni interview. It’s not worth the alumni interviewer seeing the car and resenting you for it.

It’s alumni interviewing season! We’ve previously discussed the do’s and don’ts of nonverbal behavior on college alumni interviews. Exhibiting the nonverbal behavior of “Shark Tank’s” Kevin  O’Leary would not be in the best interest of an interviewee. Mr. Wonderful’s nonverbal cues display a bit of arrogance and quite a lot of power. As an interviewee, those are not the traits you want to convey. While the interviewer can lean back and display the steeple hand gesture (Mr. Wonderful loves this nonverbal behavior), the interviewee should display respect by leaning forward and never ever displaying the arrogant steeple gesture. But we’ve already covered nonverbal behavior in alumni interviews. Today, we’d like to focus on something you might not think of as you go on your alumni interview.

How will you be getting there? If it’s not within walking distance, will you be driving? Well, if you’ll be driving, you might consider not driving your BMW or Tesla. That’s right. Leave the Beamer at home. Your alumni interviewer may not have a Beamer. Maybe he or she drives a Honda Civic. It’s a reliable car that gets good miles to the gallon. And maybe your alumni interviewer worked really hard to buy or lease that Honda Civic. Your alumni interviewer may resent the fact that a teenager is driving a nicer car than their Honda Civic thanks to the teenager’s mommy and daddy. While it may seem ridiculous, these things can factor into an alumni interview evaluation and if you meet at Starbucks and park near each other, this car can be seen.

Consider biking to your alumni interview. Or walk. Or take public transportation. Consider leaving your Beamer at home. Just a thought. Have a question pertaining to college alumni interviewing season? Let us know your questions by posting a Comment below. And if you’re interested in prepping for your alumni interview, fill out our free consultation form and we’ll let you know about our service to prep you via Skype.


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