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We offer alumni interview prep at Ivy Coach.

Interested in alumni interview prep? If you applied Early Decision or Early Action, there’s a good chance you’ll be receiving an email (if you haven’t received one already) from an alumnus or alumna in your area offering to interview you. While the alumni interview is by no means the most significant part of your application to highly selective colleges, a bad alumni interview can indeed hurt your case for admission. It can serve to confirm something an admissions officer may have thought, something that wasn’t so good, or it can confirm that you’d be an outstanding addition to a school’s community.

There are a host of questions that alumni interviewers tend to ask and during our one-hour alumni interview prep, we will walk you through these questions, revise your answers, and help you present the best way possible to admissions officers. And that which you think is impressive isn’t necessarily impressive. Bragging about your grades and SAT scores — that’ll have the opposite impact you intend. Discussing how well-rounded you are, even if the alumni interviewer seems to think it’s a great thing, will do you no service with admissions officers as they evaluation your application for admission.

If you’re interested in Ivy Coach’s alumni interview prep, simply fill out this form, write alumni interview prep at the bottom in the comments section, and we’ll then be in touch with information. And, in the meantime, should you be asked your favorite book, you best not respond “The Great Gatsby.” Because that would be a mistake, even if you happen to love F. Scott Fitzgerald. We love F. Scott, too. Brian of our firm is producing a TV show based on one of the late author’s works for ABC. But responding such implies that you likely don’t read for fun, that you only read that which is required. Because just about every high school student is required to read this work. It is, after all, the great American novel.


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