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A former client once criticized us, “You helped our daughter get into Yale. But we never heard from you once she got there.” It was a valid criticism, one we’ve taken to heart and hope to address going forward.

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our students at Ivy Coach is a variation of: “Through this admissions process, you helped me become a better writer.” That’s something we’re mighty proud of. We’re proud to help students, through revision of essay after revision of essay, become stronger, more powerful storytellers. We’re proud to help make their writing more interesting and more compelling. It’s a skill that they soon realize helps them not only in the highly selective college admissions process but in their lives thereafter.

But we won’t only toot our own horn (though we are a business, this is not a college essay in which tooting your own horn is a big, quite common mistake, and we can do so if we please). We will also share with our readers a piece of criticism we once received from one of our clients: “You helped our daughter get into Yale. But we never heard from you once she got there.” We’ve also heard people (though not our former clients) ask, “You help them get into their dream schools. But how do you make sure they do well once they get there?” We’ve taken this criticism to heart. We typically do follow up during freshman year to find out how much our student loves the school but it’s not like we check in every Wednesday. Some of our students have continually come to us once enrolled at great schools to help hone their writing in their many college papers. And that’s assistance we are happy to provide — to our former students and to others.  That’s something tangible we can help with.

So if you’re a college student, or one of our former students at Ivy Coach, who seeks to improve your writing in college papers, you should get in touch with us. Our former students know how best to get in touch with us. For students who’ve never been clients of Ivy Coach, simply fill out our free consult form and write college paper assistance in the comments section. Among a sea of disreputable companies that write papers for students (or cut and paste from Wikipedia — hello expulsion!), we will actually help you become better, more powerful writers. And your college grades will reflect this.


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