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Shame on the University of Michigan for changing their admission essay questions midstream (photo credit: AndrewHorne).

On July 9th, we posted the University of Michigan admission essays up on our blog. But the University of Michigan has decided to change its mind (or are in the process of doing so — and if it’s not yet final, we hope they read this post! Frankly, we hope they read this post even if it is final so they can reverse course). The admissions office will be changing not even one but two admissions essays¬†from what we’ve heard! And we at Ivy Coach believe this just isn’t right. When the University of Michigan posted their initial admission essays, students started writing those essays. They sat down, took the time, and worked hard to craft essays that they thought they’d be able to use to help them gain admission to the University of Michigan. But these students were mistaken because the University of Michigan apparently doesn’t value these students’ time and energy. That’s why they’ve decided to reverse course and play a silly trick by changing it up on them.

We can’t help but say: Shame on the University of Michigan for making the already stressful highly selective college admissions process even more stressful for applicants to the university. It’s a slap in the face to every student who put in the time and energy in the hope of gaining admission to Michigan. It’s a slap in the face to all college applicants — not just those to the University of Michigan — because this kind of says to other highly selective colleges throughout the country that it’s alright to do something like this. And it isn’t.

We urge the University of Michigan to allow applicants to submit the initial two admission essays. We urge the University of Michigan to reverse course on this issue. It just plain isn’t right…especially since these students are stressed out rising high school seniors going through the intense college admissions process. So please University of Michigan, go back to your original essays!


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