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The supplemental UNC admissions essay is out for this year (photo credit: Yeungb).

The supplemental UNC admissions essay is out for the 2013-2014 cycle and we’ve got it for you. The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill supplemental essay prompt — which notably is different from last year’s essay prompt — reads as follows: “Choose ONE of the prompts below and respond: A) Most of us have one or more personality quirks. Explain one of yours and what it says about you; B) What do you hope to find over the rainbow?; C) Why do you do what you do?; D) If you could travel anywhere in time or space, either real or imagined, where would you go and why?; E) Tell us about a time when your curiosity led you someplace you weren’t expecting to go.”

The UNC admissions essay prompt is required of all applicants to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (which has a new chancellor in Carol Folt, the former interim president of Dartmouth College and a longtime Dartmouth administrator and professor). It must be 400-500 words in length and it does leave plenty of room for creativity. We like another of the options for this question — especially the question about what you’ll find over the rainbow. There are so many great possibilities for that one!

Have a question about admission to UNC or about this particular supplemental essay prompt? We at Ivy Coach have certainly got answers for you in spades so let us know your questions by posting in the Comments section below. We’ll hit you right back with answers. Lastly, too many applicants to UNC (and Duke) write about the basketball rivalry between these two universities. Don’t fall into this trap. Don’t write about basketball if you can help it. These prestigious universities want to be known as more than basketball powerhouses. They already are — whether or not you know it.


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  • Rucha Gor says:

    How creative/ humorous should I be with these essay prompts? Will they scorn me for writing about something childish like Hogwarts?

    • mack says:

      I wrote about an era in History where there is a lot I would be interested in researching, and then at the end joking said it’s either that or Hogwarts. A whole essay on Hogwarts might be too much, you’d have to tie it to something a little bit more concrete? I’m sure you could pull it off it might just be harder.

  • Dana says:

    For the question, “Why do you do what you do?” Would it be better to write in literal terms such as why I play my sport, or in figurative terms such as doing what you do because of who you are?

  • Matt says:

    The UNC essay also asks for responses to the following 6 questions, each can only be a max of 10 words. I’m interested in your opinion as to the real purpose of asking these questions? What are they trying to learn about me? What is the best way to answer in 10 words? Are they more interested in the why? Thank you!!

    My theme song
    Best thing since sliced bread
    My most treasured possession
    Super power I’d like to have
    Gadget that needs inventing
    Biggest little worry

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